Celebrating our Differences……..

So your watching things on TV or reading articles on various things and start with “I cant understand how people can ……” probably because it does not fit into your category of what I call “right or wrong”. Any time we enter this category or place of “Right or Wrong” we enter a place of war or helplessness. War takes sides, war is the struggle to make somebody wrong and violently beat someone into submission. Helplessness is the traumatized aftereffect.
This mentality is all around us, the judgements we grow up with right or wrong etc.
Inherently we are not wired this way, our capacity is so beautifully open and curious once we are connected. The disconnection from the Universe, the planet we live on, the globe, natural laws, what living means and then from ourselves, segregation from self and others, causes us to bathe in this mentality.
What can you do ?
Take a deep breath, Inspiration is letting spirit back in literally, when you inhale consciously it takes you to your inner pathways and becoming aware what is happening and where the roadblocks are in your internal world. It also brings the awareness back to you. From here you can check out your activation what is really happening. For example you are having a conversation with someone who has a different opinion, and lets say you and the other person are both equally passionate about your belief…. You are both right, its just different perceptions, different consciousness. Instead of becoming hardened and defensive you could see where this person got there ideas from .. none judgmental and really taking an interest in how the opinion or consciousness is formed.
You might be amazed at what you find.
For example I had a friend who had a very different idea about politics that I had. When we would talk her opinions in no way shape or form reflected who she was as a person, which was very confusing to say the least. This is a typical disconnection from self that is mirrored in the macrocosm of someone’s belief.
Celebrating our differences will take us away form judging people, places and things and actually bringing curiosity back and leaving fear in the dust, and yes freedom.
Try it out next time you have a conversation with someone who has a different opinion breathe, check in with yourself and see if you can be curious about whats happening inside of you and being present for what is presented in front of you. And yes in front of you is just another aspect of yourself which has the most amazing potentiality for healing.
Have fun and play.

with much love Kismet

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