A Journey into the unknown ….

we take this journey every day, every day is new even though we do tasks that we do almost every day getting up, brushing your teeth etc. In truth every day is new, the way you feel the way you even look on any given day. Once you become aware of that wonder that change is evident on a daily basis and we undergo it even though we might think its all the same… magic can set in and surprise you. Awareness to the wonders of the day the minute the hour is an incredible gift. It is merely a slight shift in consciousness becoming aware of how your inner landscape is on any given day. You can play with this by checking in how you feel when you wake up in the morning keep it simple and see if you can have a child like approach be curious about what you might discover and most of all have fun.

By doing this on a regular basis it becomes much easier to move into or do things we set out to do for example a move a change in jobs, careers, an adventure something you never done before etc. Once the awareness of yourself is there the joys and wonders of shifts as we move through our live become fun. And taking bigger steps or even leaps become much simpler and you can enjoy the journey.

Having fun to journey into the unknow….. I see you on the other side

much love


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