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Are you Resourced and loving it ?

The New Year in full swing already beautiful changes on the horizon. I hear so many stories about connection in our communities and people are inspired by dark events to do and bring health and healing and joy and happiness back into our communities it is wonderful. Speaking of being inspired what inspires you or […]

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Have a very Merry… Holiday 2012/2013

The time of Magic and Forgiveness is here spreading like wildfire to enjoy by all young and old, wise and otherwise :} I am wishing you all a wonderful Holiday and a wonderful lovefilled joyous, abundant and miracle filled 2013. Till soon with much love Kismet

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Celebrating our Differences……..

So your watching things on TV or reading articles on various things and start with “I cant understand how people can ……” probably because it does not fit into your category of what I call “right or wrong”. Any time we enter this category or place of “Right or Wrong” we enter a place of […]

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