There are many different ways of working with the Body, the Mind and the Spirit. However, Kismet believes these are all one, and therefore a separation of Bodymindspirit goes against our innate nature. A separation of Bodymindspirit would be working in a dysfunctional and imbalanced way. In our societies today, it is widely accepted to live in separation from self. Our innate intelligence lets us know that something is off kilter. These imbalances or dysfunctions show up as pain, discomfort, irritability, stress – physical or emotional and in spirit.

We have lots of sayings for example – broken heart, pain in my neck, tight bud, pressure cooker – the list is endless. These all refer to ailments caused by separation from self.

Kismet was trained in many Methods to be of service to the client. Her extensive training gives her a well-rounded and balanced understanding of the whole of the Person and working with the innate intelligence of one’s inner physician to awaken the natural healing process.

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