Space Clearing

Cleaning out your space is as vital as cleaning yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Spaces hold energies which are vibrations. We accumulate many things, like magazines, books, various household items you name it, in general stuff, and of course dirt. So you can think of it like collecting dirt, in the same way you are accumulating energies in your home and other spaces you frequent, such as your work and play spaces.

Some of those energies serve you, and some don’t; so it is a pretty good idea to clean out the ones that don’t serve you, hinder you, or hold you back in any way. By being in the authentic vibration of who you truly are, it is much easier for you to manifest and live the life you came here to fulfill; and to bring in the energy you truly wish to vibrate with. I am sure you have experienced what happens when you physically clean out something; for example a drawer or closet, a car, etc.

You feel refreshed. Energy is moved and a new perspective is gained. Now imagine cleaning your entire space on an energetic level, removing and flushing out any energies that inhibit you from getting the very things you wish to have in your life. Space Clearing will help you to move energy, get clarity and refocus. After the clearing, any energies you wish to align with can be called into the space and brought into your life. Now you bathe in the energies that nourish you.

Space Clearing can be done onsite or offsite. It can be done just for one room or the whole occupied space like an apartment, a house, an office, a car, etc. Everybody has different needs and every session is geared towards your individual need. Space Clearing is an old tradition found in all cultures; In Bali it is done regularly and whenever people move or major shifts happen, like marriage, birth, death, new work, etc.

Feng Shui is a form of Space Clearing, you adjust your space in accordance with what you wish to emphasize and would like to bring in; and there are adjustments according to yearly changes in energy patterns. Also in Germany, the good old Spring Cleaning is also a form of Space Clearing; you empty the whole house and wash everything from top to bottom. You will find many examples all over the world as in Iran, Ireland, throughout the Middle East, Africa and so forth.

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