“My sessions with Kismet have truly been a bodymindspirit experience and quite honestly I had no idea what that even meant before I met her. Kismet really knows how to get to the root of what you’re dealing with to treat your whole being. I love my sessions with Kismet and especially how re-connected I feel afterward.”

Christina M. – Brand Manager, Advertising

“My sessions with Kismet are always transformational. She combines her extensive understanding of energy and anatomy, with her high level of intuitive awareness and the ability to deeply listen. She really cares about what someone is going through and without judgment, holds space for them in a way that is essential for healing to happen. An hour on her table is a gift everyone ought to receive.”

E. K. – Painter

“Kismet has got to be the most amazing body worker on the planet! Her person is filled with Love and for anyone to be doing bodywork, this has got to be her greatest asset. She treats you like gold, embraces you into her space, fills you with the most amazing touch, and leaves you feeling Alive and well Balanced… I have never felt better than after a session with Kismet! I highly recommend her for work on anybody that feels the need to get some good bodywork done. You WON”T be sad… Left in her hands, you are amazed at the transformation from the beginning to the end, and for days and weeks after the benefits of her work seem to resonate… She is a master at her craft and a truly amazing person to have in your tribe… ”

Sheri M. – Hair Stylist

“I am an animal intuitive healer, and have been working with wildlife all over the world. In my travels, I have met and worked with many holistic practitoners. And though impressed by many, few have had such a strong influence in transforming the work that I do, as Kismet had. Kismet’s sessions are about opening a portal into someone’s soul so that they can connect back to their Source. Her sessions are incredibly powerful and the work she does is truly amazing, because the bigger picture in what she does is about mentoring someone’s body, mind and soul back to wholeness. She caters to each and every one individually. It has been through my own healing experiences with Kismet that I have been able to process and let go of many things that were holding me back for a very long time. And I find that her assistance on my healing journey has gone far beyond any one session that I’ve ever had with her. Because once the portal is opened, anything is made possible. Thank you Kismet…for all of your love and support.”

E. D. – Animal Intuitive Healer – CBP, CAP, CFP, CHt, CCMBA Instructor, Reiki Master

“Kismet is a wonderful, knowledgeable person. Her work is intuitive and right on! I always feel safe and in best hands with her. Kismet’s work manifests on many levels and resonates for days. She knows how to get the knots/stress out of your muscles and how to balance you emotionally and energetically. Kismet is a master of her art. I highly recommend her!”

Beate H. – Mother

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