What are you really afraid of……

well most would answer that question in a doom and gloom kind of way, for example: I am afraid of having no money, or scared of being left alone, or whatever danger lurks in your life that could be a possibility, a whole lot of “what if’s”
What you are actually scared of is your brilliance, every one of us is amazing and beautiful and resourceful etc. in your very own way. One major downfall to this is the comparisons you make, like well he is so much more rich then me, or she has it so much easier then me etc. these are nice little detours to go around your inner landscape so you dont look at what needs weeding within you and what needs nurturing. A constant running in your head of judgements of self or others (any judgement is self judgement), condemnation of your actions or none actions and on and on it goes. When you drop all these smoke screens and get to connect with yourself with what is true and see yourself as the jewel that you are YOU start to step into a magical world of creation, enjoyment, bliss, fun, connection etc.

Becoming aware of what is alive within you, if it is a lot of rummaging of judgements for example and you become aware of that you can celebrate that = validate yourself for noticing what is alive with in you and then from there the stepping of the treadmill becomes easy. Simply the awareness of what is alive is a major step in lifting the fog, so once you notice you can then go to: Ease for example, or whatever else you would like to experience at that moment. Having fun with it all and enjoying the process ……….

and Remember to play, play play

much love and enjoy your process.

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