Getting off the train to stressville ….

Finding yourself in distress and looping or bathing in that energy is not fun. Taking a moment and shifting out of stress or any emotions that we do not enjoy and overtakes us is a possibility.
Getting off the train to stress Ville ….
Beauty exist everywhere and connecting with that is an innate resource. A Resource is a source of support, or aid, especially one that can be readily drawn upon when needed.
Finding beauty and gratitude will lead you very quickly to letting go of energies that don’t serve you anymore. If you find yourself distressed take a moment and get into your felt sense, get in touch with your sensations, really get into how it feels in your body, and just notice it……. then shift to gratitude what are you grateful for, get at least 5 things you are grateful for and, really feel, smell, hear it in your body… get in touch with your sensations where do you feel gratitude in your body, let it spread. You can go back and forth, shift from stressed sensations to gratitude sensations, play enjoy have fun with it see what happens. You can also connect with your Joy remember a moment in your life where you felt utter joy where is that in your body, what sensation lets you know its joy? Follow it let it spread bathe in it and watch what happens.
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